3 tips to keep a healthy weight during quarantine

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As quarantine life strikes again, there’s one thing we all would like to know: how to keep a healthy weight? Here’s some tips and tricks to stay on the good side of the scale!

  • Balance it out

It’s hard to keep up a super strict regimen, let alone for days or even weeks in a row! Cut yourself some slack and try out the 80/20 rule: meaning eating healthy 80% of the time, and eating less healthy 20% of the time. It’s good to eat healthy but also perfectly fine to indulge in something you crave from time to time. Go enjoy it!

  • Meal prep

Know how long it takes to cut and peel an orange, versus just snagging a bag of crisps to fulfil your hunger? It’s so tempting to fall for the ease of ready-made food. That’s why the best solution against this is making healthy ready-made food yourself! Prepping some salads, making your own healthy soups and pre-cutting fresh fruits are good examples. 

  • Eat vegetables with every meal

You heard it. Not just dinner, but every single meal. It might seem weird at first, as many people are used to only eat vegetables as a part of their dinner. But since you need 400grams/day, why pile it all up on one plate at night? Think shredded carrots through your porridge, tomato slices on your toast, or shaking it up in a green smoothie to-go. 

Healthy Ataste Acai shakes at Royal Camp 2018

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