BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam best BJJ team at Holland Open 2015

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This past weekend we had our first competition of the year in Holland. For many of us it was even their very first BJJ competition ever.

The week leading up to the tournament we focused on drilling (watch a drilling session here) and refining the techniques from the past few months of training and discussing how to apply the techniques during situations that would occur in the matches.
Another important part of our preparation was our specific sparring sessions that emulated the tournament feeling. Besides a good preparation in the Academy we also gave our students our favorite tips to prepare for a BJJ tournament (Read here).
With all the preparations done it was up to our students to apply the techniques and preparations in their matches. They all did a tremendous job. All of us who signed up won a match. In total we went with 10 competitors and 8 of us made it to the podium and collected a medal. With those results BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam became the best BJJ team of the tournament.
What makes this title more exceptional is that some of our competitors just started and have less than 6 months of experience. This showcases that the training of our BJJ team is paying off. We will continue the hard work to get ready for the next tournaments and do even better. None of us have reached their peak yet.

“There is no winning without hard training”


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