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It is not every day that you get the chance to learn from the best BJJ athlete of the moment. Luckily, Marcus Buchecha had some space in his schedule to visit Amsterdam during his Europe trip.

Because BJJAA is part of team Checkmat, Buchecha made sure to stop by. Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” is without a doubt the biggest BJJ star of the moment. Being the only person ever to win the World Championship four times in his weight division and four times in the absolute division, at the black belt level.
World Champion Marcus Buchecha
It had been two years since Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” stepped on the mats in Amsterdam. We were happy and proud to have the 8x World Champion once again in our academy. Check out this seminar highlight and interview (transcript) we had with Buchecha in 2014.

Fast-forward to 2016 and a lot has changed. Most notably, the horrible knee injury that he suffered during the 2015 World Championship. This put a hold on his plans and goals that he discussed in the previous interview. It even forced Buchecha to put a hold on jiu jitsu for a long time. Many even wondered if you can come back to the highest level after such a severe knee injury. After his knee surgery and a long recovery period, Buchecha had only 3 months of preparation for the 2016 World Championship. However, he came back in the best way possible: winning double gold (weight and absolute division) in extremely dominant fashion. Finishing 5 out of 8 fights with a submission. Thereby making his mark in BJJ history, by being the only man with 4x double gold.
Buchecha guard pass
So what can you expect during a seminar from the greatest BJJ athlete? During this seminar, he shared the techniques and positions that he worked on after his knee injury. These are the same techniques he applied to win this year’s World Championship. So you can be assured, that they are battlefield tested. His game consists now more out of tight pressure passing, like leg drags and weaves. This changed in his game, to avoid scramble situations out of precaution with his knee. He also shared his signature armbar from mount, with all the details to maintain the pressure and control over your opponent all the time. He used this position to catch Joao Rocha at the Worlds. Have a look at this set-up in the clip below:

After the techniques and positions, there was time for Q & A. Where Buchecha took the time to explain how he would deal with certain situations and positions that people were having trouble with. He also made sure that nobody had any questions left. Like he said during the seminar “Nobody has questions anymore? I’m not going to be here every day”. When all the questions were answered, the seminar came to an end. And as alway, we end the seminar with a nice group picture to capture the moment.

Buchecha group pic
Buchecha group picture

The seminar was a huge success, we had visitors coming from all over Holland, Belgium and even Germany. We would like to thank Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’ and everybody who came and supported the seminar. If you ever have the opportunity to train with Buchecha or attend his seminar then don’t miss out. Great person and athlete, on and off the mat. Follow his journey:
Pictures by: Ribeiro Photo

At BJJAA we host regular seminars with the world’s greatest BJJ athletes. In the past we have had several World and European champions like: Jackson Sousa, Thiago Sá, Francisco ‘Sinistro’, Yago de Souza and many more. Register here to stay up-to-date with our upcoming seminars.

Now, watch Buchecha dominate one more time during the 2016 World Championship #BUCHECHA:

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