Checkmat BJJ Amsterdam – Buchecha seminar pictures and review

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Group picture seminar 2
Group picture seminar 2

On 25 September 6x black belt World Champion Marcus Almeida ‘Buchecha’ came to Amsterdam. He gave a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar at BJJ Academy/Checkmat BJJ Amsterdam and it was really awesome. The seminar was divided into two groups, thus it was possible to get much more feedback from Buchecha then you would normally get during a seminar. His explanation of the techniques was really good.

This time he shared his pressure passing game with us and how to take the back once you have passed the guard. Buchecha really puts the emphasis on the details and he made sure that everyone understood the concepts of the position. During the explanation he also gave examples of his matches in which he used the techniques that he just demonstrated.

Buchecha also told a little bit of his life story and he shared some of his training methods. The whole atmosphere of the seminar was relaxed and everybody was intrigued by his simple, yet effective techniques. The nice thing about seminars is that you always get to meet and train with people from different gyms/countries. Not only were there BJJ practitioners from Amsterdam or The Netherlands, but also from France, Germany, Belgium and the UK.

At the end of the seminar Buchecha allowed everyone to ask him questions. He wanted to make sure that if there was anybody who came to the seminar to see a specific position, that he covered it during the seminar. There were some questions about half guard sweeps, defending the berimbolo, strategies for 50/50 and passing the x-guard. Buchecha answered al questions by performing the move and quickly explaining the important details about the position.

After 4,5 hours of training Jiu Jitsu the two seminars sessions were all finished and everybody took pictures with Buchecha. It is not easy to get worlds greatest BJJ fighter to the Netherlands. So we would like to thank everybody that came to the seminar and supported this initiative!

In order to stay up to date with the latest and best technqiues BJJ Academy/Checkmat BJJ Amsterdam will keep bringing the best Black belt champions over. The next seminar that we will organise is 9 November with 2014 European and Nogi World Champion Jackson Souza. See the link for more details:

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