BJJAA dominates blue belt division and wins best BJJ team

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On Sunday 27 March Checkmat Amsterdam participated in the Den Haag BJJ Open tournament.

Just like last year at the BJJ Holland Open we became the best BJJ team of the tournament. In the blue belt division, we won each category that had competitors from our Academy. The featherweight division was once again closed out. This time Windy and Daniël made their ways to final.

We are extremely happy with the results of everyone. Not all competitors got a medal, but everybody did manage to win a match. In total we won 5 Gold medals, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze and thereby becoming the best BJJ team of the tournament.

Another nice achievement was our white belt student Brandon winning the advanced nogi -73 kg division, where he beat several colored belts on his way to Gold. In the grappling part of the tournament we won 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal.

This is our second best team prize in less than 2 years, which reflects our goal of becoming the best Academy where everybody can reach their full potential.

Results Den Haag BJJ Open 2016:

White -64kg
1. Laszlo la Ferrera (Carlson Gracie Amsterdam)
2. Jordy Spitters (Ruthless/Team agua)
3. Sjoerd Stockmans (CSA Helmond)

White -70kg
1. Guven Cam (Gracie Barra Groningen)
2. Robert Bos (Gracie Barra Groningen)
3. Guyonne de la Motte (Jiu Jitsu Factory)

White -76kg
1. Fidel Fagalde (Kaishin)
2. Wesley van Bezuije (MMA Schouteren)
3. Andre van der Velden (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)

White -82.3kg
1. Marc Scherpenzeel (Team de Jager)
2. Bence Marjan (Team Agua)
3. Frank Ribbens (Full of Life – Kenamju)

White -88.3kg
1. Rick de Boer (Jiu Jitsu Factory)
2. Daan Hering (Carlson Gracie Amsterdam)
3. Matthijs de Kivet (GFA/Kaishin)

White -94.3kg
1. Lars Langhorst (Icon Delft)
2. Jos Sigle (Icon)
3. Ursus Metten (Rickson Gracie Holland)

White +94.3kg
1. Burak Bayrak (Gracie Barra Groningen)
2. Timo Schouten (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
3. Tino Driessen (JJF Kickbox Arnhem)

Blue -70kg
1. Daniel de Groot (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
2. Windy Hernandez (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
3. Bas Nijenhuis (Budo Academy Physical)

Blue -76kg
1. Akira Sato (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
2. Yannick de Meijere (Carlson Gracie Holland)
3. Sherif el Alfy (BJJ Purmerend)

Blue -82.3kg
1. Sajil Iqbal (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
2. Daniel Franken (Team Agua)
3. Bas Meelkop (Jiu Jitsu Factory)

Blue -88.3kg
1. Ozcan Diler (Team Agua)
2. Stefano van Bovene (Gracie Barra NL)
3. Shakib Atmar (BJJ Purmerend)

Blue -94.3kg
1. Daan van Schaijk (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
2. Harry Joao (MMA Schouteren)
3. Dirk Wijten (Renzo Gracie Holland)

Purple -80kg
1. Thymen Gomperts (Carlson Gracie Holland)
2. Justin van Haalen (Gracie Barra Eindhoven)
3. Annoir Benelayyachi (Rickson Gracie Holland)

Purple +80kg
1. Nathan Schouteren (Jiu Jitsu Factory)
2. David Ellero (Kamakura Gracie Barra)

Women White -60kg
1. Pleun van Zwalum (CSA)
2. Ramona Neff (Erasmus BJJ)
3. Chiara di Loreto (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)

Women White +60kg
1. Tanne Hopkes (Gracie Barra)
2. Serena Olij (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
3. Selina van der Meer (Team Agua)

Women Blue
1. Sophia Tan (BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam)
2. Elaine Hanssen (Carlson gracie Amsterdam)
3. Mirjam Huveneers (Team Agua/Hellemond Sport)

Best BJJ Team:
BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work”


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