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On September 17th the 4th edition of the BJJ Flevo Open Tournament took place. This tournament marks the start of the competition season in Holland. We had a great success at the tournament, by winning several medals and becoming the best team of the BJJ Flevo Open.

The BJJ Flevo Open tournament is one of the better organized BJJ tournaments in Holland and this year it had broken its record with more than 300 competitors from Holland, Belgium and Germany signed up. Thereby making the achievement of winning the best team even more impressive.

The competition started around 10 in the morning. Upon arrival, the venue got busy real fast and you could feel the same atmosphere that you get at big international BJJ tournaments.

The tournament kicked-off with the men’s white belt division, which was the most stacked divisions of the tournament. Some of the divisions had more than 35 competitors and lasted almost 2 hours.Despite most white belts of the team winning several matches, we just missed out on medals in that division.

Around the afternoon it was time for the blue belts to step up on the mats. Windy and Daniël closed out the blue belt featherweight division for the second time. After 3 matches they met each other again in the final. This time Windy got the gold and Daniël took silver. Check out the highlight below for Daniël’s fight at BJJ Flevo Open.

After the blue belts, it was time for the purple belt division where Kiren made quick work of both of his opponents. He won both matches within 2 minutes by submission and had 0 points scored against him. That performance won him his 3rd gold medal in a row at Flevo Open (2014, 2015, 2016).

BJJ Flevo Open purple belt featherweight champion

The last group of the tournament was the female division. The girls from BJJAA scored a good result as well. Chiara won silver and Serena got bronze. The real standout was Elizabete who competed in +60kg division and was probably the smallest and lightest girl in the division. That didn’t stop her from winning gold. She dominated all her matches and showed nice guard sweeps, passing and submissions. After her own division, she signed up for the open weight division. She won the final of that division by scoring more than 25 points and having 0 points scored against her. Which made her win double gold at BJJ Flevo Open 2016.

BJJ Flevo Open female white belts

To determine the best team of the tournament, the organisation adds up the points from the medal winners of each team. For this tournament, they looked at best affiliation. Even though not everybody scored a medal and it didn’t feel like our best performance, it was still enough to get the best team prize. Our team Checkmat became number one and BJJAA contributed 43 points of the 62 points scored by Checkmat. As a single gym, we scored more than most affiliates combined.

A really amazing performance considering the fact, that this was the biggest edition of the BJJ Flevo Open tournament. This is our 3rd best team prize in less than 2 years time. Previously we won the best team prize at Den Haag BJJ Open and last year at BJJ Holland Open.  We look forward to keep training, improving and getting the best results as a team and as individuals.

Results of 2016 BJJ Flevo Open International:

-64 kg White Belts:
1. Walter Hüweler – Shocx
2. Malik Aydamirov – Tri Force Exit
3. Vincent SAFA – Shocx

-70 kg White Belts:
1. Lincoln White – Team UCT
2. Guven Cam – Gracie Barra Groningen
3. Petrit Fejzuli – Unity 99

-76 kg White Belts:
1. Mohammed Yahya Boulaich – Renaissance
2. Seger Kersbergen – ICON BJJ Delft
3. Milan Bratu – ICON BJJ Delft

-82,3 kg White Belts:
1. Marwin Grovell -BBFA/BJJ Akademie Berlin
2. Richard van Rijn – Jiu Jitsu Factory
3. Nick Berlo – Brasa

-88,3 kg White Belts:
1. Silvio Fenucci – BadBoys JJ
2. Mauri Harris – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam
3. Lars Stein – Aguilera Jiu-Jitsu Luxembourg

-94,3 kg White Belts:
1. Zeno Peersman – Brasa
2 .- Rickson Gracie Amsterdam
3. Vladimir Harcarik – BBFA/BJJ Akademie Berlin

-100,5 kg White Belts:
1. Richie Brondenstein – CSA Holland
2. Onno Visser – Rickson Gracie Holland
3. Mike Ogwuru – Team Kaishin

+100,5 kg White Belts:
1. Tino Driessen – Jiu Jitsu Factory
2. Lorenzo Croes – Gracie Barra Nederland
3. Tom Schoeters – Tri Force Exit

Open Weight White Belts:
1. Tino Driessen – Jiu Jitsu Factory
2. Richard van Rijn – Jiu Jitsu Factory
3. Lincoln White – Team UCT

-64 kg Blue Belts:
1. Santo Roger – BBJJA
2. Gauthier Blommaert – Brasa
3. Rogier van der Geugten – Gracie Barra Amsterdam

-70 kg Blue Belts:
1. Windy Hernandez – BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam
2. Daniël de Groot – BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam
3. Eduardo Mertens – Shocx

-76 kg Blue Belts:
1. Michel Petrau – Gracie Barra Groningen
2. Flavio Burger – Budo Academy Physical
3. Sherif El Alfy – BJJ Purmerend

-82,3 kg Blue Belts:
1. Samil Sahin – Bad Boyd JJ
2. Ben Peters – Jiu Jitsu Factory
3. Igor de Souza – Gracie Barra Anderlecht

-88,3 kg Blue Belts:
1. Maarten Bauwens – Checkmat Prana Jiu Jitsu
2. Daniël van Riessen – Jiu Jitsu Factory
3. Ozcan Diler – Team Agua

-94,3 kg Blue Belts:
1. Niels Evers – Team Kaishin
2. Colin Maxime – Aam
3. Andreas Grober – Nexus Fighter Academy

-100,5 kg Blue Belts:
1. Julian Georgescu – Nexus Fighter Academy
2. Miroslaw Medrzechowski – Gracie Barra Amsterdam
3. Greg Nicholaas – Team Kaishin

+100,5 kg Blue Belts:
1. Aleksa Lazovic – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam
2. Nick Pavlov – Team Agua
3. Jonatas Redondo – Shocx

Open Weight Blue Belts:
1. Maarten Bauwens – Checkmat Prana Jiu Jitsu
2. Daniël van Riessen – Jiu Jitsu Factory
3. Julian Georgescu – Nexus Fighter Academy

-70 kg Purple Belts:
1. Kiren Newadj – BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam
2. Omar Tjon – Team Agua
3. Giacomo – Corazza – Icon

-76 kg Purple Belts:
1. Andor Vrinssen – Bad Boys JJ
2. Dennis Ras – Team Kaishin
3. Chris Rushmer – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam

-82,3 kg Purple Belts:
1. Oulid Sbai – Renaissance
2. Alchast Hankarov – Kamikaze BJJ
3. Dennis Brötzmann – BJJ Akademie Berlin

-88,3 kg Purple Belts:
1. Frank Strooker – Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Holland
2. Mike Houtveen – Guiho Jiu-Jitsu/Team Agua
3. Kristian Hernandez – Jan Basso Jiu Jitsu

-94 kg Purple Belts:

1. Stefan Uittenboogaard – Gracie Barra Maastricht
2. Julian Stonjek – Kamikaze BJJ
3. Rick Bolten – Team Kaishin

+94,3 kg Purple Belts:
1. Nikola Milovanovic – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam
2. Niang Alassan – AAM

Open Weight Purple Belts:
1. Stefan Uittenbogaard – Gracie Barra Maastricht
2. Rick Bolten – Team Kaishin
3. Nikola Milovanovic – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam

-70 kg Brown/Black Belts:
1. Jerryan Melo – Aguilera Bartolome BJJ Luxembourg
2. Renan Funerio – Shocx

-76 kg Brown/Black Belts:
1. Terryboy Gustave – Malicia Team
2. Tony Hesse – Nexus Fighter Academy

-82,3 Brown/Black Belts:
1. Alan Ciku – Renaissance
2. Robert Graalfs – BJJ Akademy Berlin
3. Sebastiaan Mook – Rickson Gracie

-88,3 kg Brown/Black Belts:
1. Clifford Edwards – Frota Team Nogueira
2. Andy Peters – Gracie Barra Maastricht
3. Johan De Wannemaeker – Checkmat Prana Jiu Jitsu

+88,3 kg Brown/Belts:
1. Sebastiaan Ruling – Malicia Team
2. Ou Santana – AAM
3. Bregt Leenknegt – Yaware

-94,3 kg Black Belts:
1. Brian Carlsen – Easton BJJ/Icon BJJ Delft
2.Odair Cavalcanti – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam

Open Weight Brown/Black Belts:
1. Brian Carlsen – Easton BJJ/Icon BJJ Delft
2. Andy Peters – Gracie Barra Maastricht
3. Sebastiaan Ruling – Malicia Team

-60,5 kg Female White Belts:
1. Elke van der Pol – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam
2. Chiara Di Loreto – BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam
3. Momoko Campos – Yaware

+60,5 kg Female White Belts:
1. Elizabete Ruppeka-Rupeika – BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam
2.Abigail Vlieger – Barao Jiu Jitsu
3. Serena Olij – BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam

Open Weight Females White Belts:
1. Elizabete Ruppeka-Rupeika – BJJAA/Checkmat Amsterdam
2. Momoko Campos – Yaware

-60,5 Female Blue Belts:
1. Daniëlle van den Langenberg – Jiu Jitsu Factory
2. Pleun van der Zwaluw – CSA Holland

+60,5 kg Female Blue Belts:
1. Andrea Verberkmoes – Happyfitness
2. Nadine Laarman – Gracie Barra Nederland
3. Yin Khor – Carlson Gracie Amsterdam

+60,5 kg Female Purple Belts:
1. Barbara Ruiken – BJJ Globetrotters
2. Sophie Lussenburg – Renzo Gracie
3. Kelly Kilarciyan – Team Agua

Open Weight Female Colored Belts:
1. Kelly Kilarciyan – Team Agua
2. Andreas Verberkmoes – Happyfitness
3. Nadine Laarman – Gracie Barra Nederland

Team Results:
1. Checkmat
2. Gracie Barra
3. Jiu-Jitsu Factory.


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