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The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected our society in a way we have not seen before in recent history. A lot of countries are now in a lockdown for at least 2 weeks. For everyone’s safety and in order to reduce the further spread of the virus, many BJJ academies across Europe have closed their doors. We made the tough, but responsible and appropriate decision to close our doors before the lockdown.

So now the big question remains: How can I still improve my jiu-jitsu when I am not able to go to the academy? Many people in jiu-jitsu, including some of the best World Champions, have faced at least one injury that took them off the mats for a longer period of time.

That brings us to a similar situation that we find ourselves in right now. We can’t spend time on the mats. One way to still improve your jiu-jitsu during this time and what worked a lot for us during our injuries is to study Jiu-Jitsu.

Nowadays there are a ton of good instructional videos and tutorials available. But you shouldn’t only limit yourself to instructional videos, BJJ matches are also highly educative and good fun as well.

In the coming days we will highlight some of our favourite matches, BJJ athletes and break down games and techniques, so you can have a more specific learning goal. For now we would like to share with you some of the content that has been made available for during the lockdown by highly respected BJJ athletes and instructors.

Free BJJ resources:

  • Daily class with Keenan Cornelius, inventor of the worm guard and one of the best American Jiu Jitsu athletes.
  • Live class and a wealth of great instructional videos by multiple times World Champion and ADCC champion Andre Galvao and his team of black belts.
  • You can get one week of free online training by 7x World Champion Lucas Lepri at Lepri BJJ Online.
  • Free DVD of World Champion Bernardo Faria: use discount code FARIAFREE. Also, check out his BJJ fanatics channel for great instructionals of some of the best BJJ athletes.
  • Two weeks of free Caio Terra Online by one the greatest Roosterweight champions of all time.
  • 2x ADCC Champion Jonathan ‘JT’ Torres is offering two weeks of his online program for free with the coupon code: JIUJITSUSTRONG
  • Legend of the sport and MMA Renzo Gracie is offering 30 Days of free Renzo Gracie Online.
  • Self-Mastery, a FREE DVD by respected coach John Danaher that focusses on Solo Training Drills, which have might have seen in our warm-ups before. With this DVD you can focus on mastering the art of shrimping, bridging and rolling. He also made a video on What To Do When You Can’t Train Jiu Jitsu (Coronavirus).
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